Journey Approved


We don’t watch a lot of tv, but when we do, it’s about travel, nature, history or food. And sometimes a Big Bang episode sneaks into the mix. Or Stranger Things. Maybe a political drama like House of Cards. Don’t get me started about Star Trek, that’s a whole other story for another time. (Alyssa is a secret Trekkie and has converted me over time)

Here are some of our most favorites:

I’ll Have What Phil Is Having– We came upon this show on Netflix and had honestly no idea who Phil Rosenthal was at the time. So after googling, we learned he was the creator of the show, Everybody Loves Raymond. What we love about this show is his passion for food and travel. He is goofy, but it’s an honest silliness due to his passion for food. His facial expression are priceless and he simply cannot hide his enjoyment of food, which we love as we are the same way. I watched his Paris episode before going in 2017 and his food recommendations are spot on. I went to the same places and made the same faces and sounds as he did. It was just that good. You can follow Phil on Instagram and Facebook.

Somebody Feed Phil

DeparturesIn 2008, Scott Wilson and Justin Lukach created a travel show that is unlike any travel show we have ever watched and to this day is one of our absolute favorites. They capture travel in a way that speaks to us from the intro music, the way they give you time to process between their descriptions to simply absorb the surroundings of what you are seeing on the screen instead of telling you what to see or feel. It’s subtle and powerful at the same time. You can find it on Netflix and follow them on Instagram and Facebook.