About Us


No matter where we travel in the world, The Cape in Florida, hiking the Swiss Alps, driving in the middle of nowhere in Idaho, it always feels like we’re home.  We feel most comfortable when we are traveling, it gives us that rush just like when you’ve had the perfect amount of coffee in the morning and you can take on the world.  We travel every chance we get, anywhere we can.

Our journey began in 2012 and we married in 2014.  Once we realized our mutual love for travel it was pretty much over (or as we like to say just beginning) and we have been traveling together ever since.

Alyssa Journey is an avid mountain biker, photographer, whiskey expert and foodie originally from Oklahoma.  She is also a lover of all things Star Trek.


Kelly Journey is a wealth manager of 20 years by day,  grill master, gin aficionado, foodie and guru of travel planning from Arkansas.  As a bibliophile, Kelly collects old books and loves finding speakesies all over the world.

Kelly and Alyssa have 2 dogs, Maggie and Berkeley, and a precocious cat named Decker that they found as a kitten under their deck.





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