Pirate Republic Brewing Company

4 Feb

Alyssa and I try to avoid crowds like the plague.  We took a three night cruise to the Bahamas a little while back because Alyssa wanted to see if she liked cruising.  We knew one of the stops would be in Nassau, so we did some research on our favorite things:  1.  Food 2. Booze.   There was this hip, little brewery, Pirate Republic Brewing Company on Woods Rogers Walk, the first street you hit off the ship.  It’s in a cool, weathered building  with pirate furniture everywhere.

So let’s get down to business, the beer and food.  We love breweries and local suds, and this place did not disappoint.  We always sit at the bar, we feel like part of the place, like Norm on Cheers.  So there we sat and ordered our first beers.  I ordered the Gold and Haze of Piracy which is a Belgian Wheat.  They added an orange and it had a very Blue Moon style to it.  Alyssa had the Island Pirate Ale, which is an India Pale Ale.  I always try her IPA’s, I’m not sure why.  It always give me the bitter beer face, just not my thing.

But then, I had my second beer.  It was in a can, not on draft.   Marco the bartender said they had a Kolsch.  German beer is my absolute favorite.  I don’t know if you get excited about great beer, but we sure do and we did as we sat on the pirate bar stools.  MMMM Beer.  That Kolsch made up for any previous poor beer choices, life choices, etc that weren’t up to par.



I hate when you go to a place, you get a beer you think you will like, only to have to swill it back because YOU CANNOT WASTE BEER.   Like you’re not going to drink it, no that’s not happening.  You just have to suck it up, there’s no leftover beer.  Who does that? It’s like a wine stopper, I still have no idea what the hell  purpose it serves. We have a drawer full of them at home.  Our friends must think oh look, it’s alcohol related, they will love it.  Look, the stopper is a bicycle.  Let’s get it for them.  We have a wine stopper graveyard drawer, where they just go to collect dust and look cute.



Then sometimes you have to make room for all of that beer you just drank.  So where’s the bathroom?  It’s upstairs and you need a special code for the door.  Don’t worry, the bartender’s have it written on their arms.  Now you are all ready to order some grub.


I like skinny fries, like Steak’n’Shake fries, only thinner and crispier.  This place has the skinniest, crispiest fries I have ever eaten.  The only problem was they broke off in the ketchup, which was a fantastic problem to have once you had a boatload of them in there.  When you sit at the bar, nobody cares if half your hand is in the ketchup rammikin, fishing out skinny pieces of French fries.  There’s simply no judging when you sit at the bar.  I saw on TripAdvisor that their bratwurst was good so we ordered it as well.  Don’t get me wrong, it was tasty.  I would have been just as happy to have ordered another vat of those fries with another Kolsch.  I mean, do you really expect to have a mind blowing bratwurst off a cruise ship in the Bahamas?  I’d expect that in Wisconsin.  Luckily,  I get to visit there later this year.  Then, my friends, I will be bragging about some bratwurst.  Not today.  I have to say though, for brewery grub, it was pretty damn good.

So the next time you hop off the boat and you find yourself in Nassau, definitely go check out Pirate Republic Brewing.  They even have a gift shop in the back of the bar.  The Journeys will be back someday, sitting at the bar, eating skinny fries.





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