Stone Creek Coffee in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

6 May

My fascination with Milwaukee continues this morning as I look out upon the view of this magnificent bridge, the 6th Steet Viaduct bridge, built in 2002.


Within view of the bridge is Stone Creek Coffee.

Stone Creek Coffee

They have a seating area that you can sit right by the window and look out to the view in the above bridge.  I have my music on random and as soon as I get sat down, the first shuffle is Red Hot Chili Pepper’s “Under the Bridge”.  My music gets me, like someone who’s knows all your quirks and inner workings.  I’m gonna invent a music player someday that knows your mood, location, special event and knows what to play instinctively.  Who am I kidding,  it will be out before I can get to it and I can’t wait.

Lots of Pastries to choose from here.
Sally was super helpful

They have shirts, mugs, socks, and coffee for sale.  It’s in a really old building and Kevin tells me they are expanding to other parts of Wisconsin and Chicago so be on the lookout for them.  Kevin and Sally had the morning shift and were really friendly and extra helpful.  I found a shirt on clearance, even.

Coffee Geek

Since I am a total coffee geek, I thought it would be appropriate. Also, it’s their wifi password.

Picked up some coffee to bring home calls Green Bike for the ‘ol expresso machine and ordered a cup of coffee and a butter croissant.

Coffee and Croissant
Butter Croissant

I’m not going to say it’s the same as Ble Sucre in Paris, well, because I just can’t.  Yet, in Milwaukee, it’s pretty damn tasty.  Their coffee is really good, I like dark roasts and theirs didn’t disappoint.

What I cannot wait to try is something that was tucked away in the corner of the pastries, all sneaky like.  But I found you little Oatmeal Creme Pie and I will eat you later today.  Oh, yes.  I just got a little tingle thinking about it.  My weird love for oatmeal creme pies is a story for another day.  When I see them at pastry shops or bakeries just know it’s going to get bought and in my belly.  I mean, just look at it.

Oatmeal Creme Pie

I have a small obsession with coffee shops, speakeasies and hole in the walls.  I would absolutely come back to Stone Creek Coffee in a heartbeat.  Another thing I’d try is the Cardamom Chai Latte.  I had one last night at an Indian food restaurant that blew my mind.  It was so good it deserves a post all by itself.  I noticed that they had them here on the menu.  Milwaukee gets cold and that was something I could only imagine is a welcome bit of warmth in the winter.

Now I’m off to check out the Milwaukee Art Museum .  I’ll see some amazing art while looking for an excuse to eat this oatmeal creme pie.  I call it Bnack, an after breakfast snack.  I give the thing 5 minutes.  Poor thing.  It didn’t stand a chance.

Journey On.






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